Royalty Gaming: Dangan Ronpa 2: Good Bye Despair! part 2

dangan ronpa 3So… Does anyone remember when I posted the first part of this?

No? Good! Hah! I did say I was gonna do this post last month, but with everything I had to do and the Halloween event… I really couldn’t get to it. Anyways, where we left of was that we were talking about the various unique details of just a few of the amazing characters that are in this game! What are we gonna talk about now? Well, to explain, I will not be talking about the story. I may go over certain details that may contain some idea of a spoiler. For the most part, this will be spoiler-free and I will be talking about the quality, atmosphere and possible characteristics you can find within the game…

First of all, everything seems off. I don’t consider this a flaw and you shouldn’t either. Hell, you probably  wouldn’t even notice it! If you didn’t, your gonna have a fun ride, to be that naive. It is an essential detail to this game that, I personally feel, that adds to the mind-breaking and strategically fun aspect to the story!
You could go in blind and just not think about the possible twists you will find, or if you’re like me, then you will probably be thinking about every possible idea that can come out next. Either way, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Even though, no matter how hard you think about it, Dangan Ronpa is never gonna be predictable, so, I do not think you will be able to figure it out before you near the end of the game.  All in all, you can expect a great story to follow up with the first game.

I briefly explained how everything seems off, for most of the game. And that’s just how the atmosphere is! It’s actually really interesting to feel this way, the more you progress through the game; you will probably feel less of this and be more consumed in the current problems and investigations you have to go through and most of all, the mysteries you’ve yet to unfold. There are few who knows the secrets to the mysteries you have to discover and fewer among you that discover it before you. The point of this game is to challenge the psychological mind of the player and allow them to uncover and investigate each mystery, one piece at a time. All the while the game maintains it’s humorous and colorful skits, especially inside the “free-time” mode. Where you, the player, gets to spend their time in between the story with any of the characters in the cast. During this time, you won’t encounter anything that ties in with the story, simply time getting to know the characters!

Now there are smaller details you will come to appreciate while playing the game. For example, the various areas you will eventually come across that seem just a lot more unique than the last… There are even smaller details that;still, you will find pretty nice to have included in the game. It all adds to the experience, I guarantee you cannot really find anything you feel is out of place… Aside from the game, which, I guess, is everything… Like, I said that is intended! xD

Nevertheless, the game is, not only as amazing as the last, but even better! With that said, I am done with talking about Dangan Ronpa 2: Good Bye Despair! Let me know how you experience was playing this game, if you did or if you plan on playing it! Thanks for reading.

Stay Tuned!
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  1. I enjoyed the game. Lots of memorable characters, such as the hamster guy.

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