Anime Review coming: The World God Only Knows!

theworldgodonlyknowsGood day my fellow animanians! Do you guys prefer to be called animaniacs? I don’t really know, we all love anime one way or another…

Anyways, let’s get to the point of this post in which, I mean, you can read the title and there’s almost always an image to begin these posts with about the specific topic, so kind of pointless… Ok, I am sorry, I’m done babbling. The World God Only Knows! Any fans here? Actually I think it did pretty well in the west, so probably are some fans here.


Right, ok! The next anime review I will be doing and the first one this month (finally) is The World God Only Knows! I am looking to have it posted Saturday. I am gonna try to stay consistent with having Anime Reviews done every Saturday, just because I think that’s right, I like to have things organized. So, thanks for waiting patiently, I am grateful to all of you for your interest! Thanks!

Stay Tuned!
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  1. I enjoyed the manga and the first two seasons of the anime. I have yet to watch the third series, which I hear is a little rushed.

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    1. theanimeprince says:

      Really? I mean, I’m a story guy and while I didn’t watch this anime for any story-related reasons (because it’s almost just a harem) I did like the 3rd season for, I guess it wasn’t exactly a good story. But I liked it almost for that reason, idk I just favored it over the previous 2 seasons in my opinion. It essentially picks up is what I mean.

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  2. I am a fan actually. But I am not from the West, but Singapore.

    Looking forward to your review!

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    1. theanimeprince says:

      Singapore? Wow! I am very… surprised. Would you mind telling me how you came to find out about this anime?


      1. Well we have manga shops and DVD shops that sell anime over here. Many bookstores here would sell manga too but I never bought those because the Singaporean translators did a less than satisfactory job with the translation of names.

        Back in the day, in the late 90s in fact, we started seeing anime video rental shops. I used to rent all sorts. The first anime I watched was Dragon Ball. And then City Hunter, Saint Seiya and Yu Yu Hakusho. When I was in the army (infantry rifleman), I used to read a lot of Sailor Moon too.

        Anyway, why does it surprise you that I know about this anime?

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      2. theanimeprince says:

        Well, to be honest. It isn’t a very popular anime. I’d understand that there would be anime fans here in the west, but we’re still pretty few. It’s not like I didn’t consider that there would be fans of this anime in Singapore, I am just surprised to see one considering the fact that i’d imagine that there would be significantly less Singaporeans that like this anime than us. The thing is that this anime (mostly manga) did pretty well in Japan. Just not everywhere else…


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