Character Gone Dark and Horror Gaming Winners!

izayafabAlright! time to announce the winners of the Halloween contest! First off, I will start doing the Anime Halloween segment “Character Gone Dark” in the following format: *List of all 10 contestants. *Name 3rd place and runner-up. *Name the winner. *Explanation of why that specific contestant won out of the other 9. After I am finished with that one, I will be doing Horror Gaming following the exact same format. Keep in mind this is just a ranking of my 3 favored characters/games that I hold to be personal favorites following the specific category/details of the content they bring

Character Gone Dark Winners:
3rd place: Annie Leonhart

Runner-Up: Itachi Uchiha

              Winner: Jellal Fernandes
Jellal2Alright, I mentioned plenty of favorites in this list of characters, but the one that does it for me better out of all of them is none other than Jellal! Plenty of reasons why: one being that I get to say Jellal again. In fact, there’s no telling how many times I am going to be able to say Jellal in this explanation so, it’s a pretty good idea to give the win to Jellal, so long as I can repeatedly say Jellal after Jellal after Jellal after Jella-FUCK! Ruby: hurrrrrryyy! x( ur gonna annoy anyone who bothers reading this and i want to invade ur blog! When did I say you could inva- Ruby: DO U WANT TO MAKE THIS ANY LONGER THAN IT HAS TO BE?!?! Ah,right back to Jellal! Ruby: … …There are plenty of reasons as to why I feel like Itachi should’ve won over Jellal. However, I just like the “feel” of Jellal as a character. He’s more…errr…loveable? In a sense, Itachi is a better story-based character, despite Jellal’s similar darkness, he’s just a more fun character to watch as he does his own thing, in my opinion. By the way, his name is JE-MOTHERFUGGIN-LLAL!

Horror Gaming Winners:

3rd place: Corpse Party
corpse party 2

Runner-Up: Betrayer

Winner: Spooky’s House of Jumpscares
Why? Ruby: So Kawaii! right? Dammnit Ruby go to bed or something! That better be the last time you ever interrupt me… -.-‘ Anyways, reason is that I just love it, I mean I know I need to give an explanation , but I just love it I can’t really explain it any better than that. Also, They’re adorable… Look at SPOOKY! No other reason needed!

Afterpost time! So, this took a lot longer than I expected. Thanks for being patient with me I really appreciate it a lot! Remember if you have any personal favorite horror games you wanna tell me about you can in the comment section, if you wanna talk about characters that have gone darkside, you can do that too! Anyways, I guess thats it…
Ruby: WEEHEE! I guess its time for my pose! I sha-wait… Where am i?
Thats your punishment for interrupting me so much, instead I put an image of me at the top!
Ruby: Dooky-head!
Shut up, mongrel…
Ruby: Look who’s thinkin their Gil

The Anime Prince

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