Horror Gaming 3: Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

amnesiaRight off the bat lets talk about Amnesia! Amnesia is actually very simple: You are a guy who has amnesia stuck inside a creepy mansion or castle and before you can leave, you have to remember something inside. It has the scariest atmosphere in almost any game i’ve ever seen! This game actually has a lot of creativity in it as it isn’t just a typical horror/puzzle game where you put the pieces together and you just get a few jump scares every now and then. You will be pleasantly surprised when playing this game, I assure you. The graphics are also still exceptionally dated and everything looks detailed and, well, creepy. Although if your just getting into horror games, I recommend you try something a little easier… For example, 5 nights at Freddy’s, but enough about that. The wide range of the castle that generates within the game is typically very large, giving you a lot to explore as you look for the clues to your missing memories. There’s a lot to look at, considering you will be in there for awhile. So, take in as much as you can, ofcourse don’t get too distracted so you won’t piss yourself when something happens. Certain monsters will come out to get you! You, however, cannot fight them and your only option is to hide in certain dark spaces where they can’t find you. Be aware that looking too long into darkness  will lower your sanity level. Which, you know is obviously very bad! You need lights to heal and maintain your sanity.

That’s all I have to say on Amnesia, not much else to talk about. It’s a good game, very nice atmosphere and a good little creepy adventure for you! Thanks for reading if you bothered to, I appreciate it and just… have fun guys!

Stay Tuned!
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