Character Gone Dark 2: Annie Leonhart!

annieAnnie Leonhart is one of my 10 favorite female characters and with good reason. Keep in mind, I am only talking about Annie from what we know off of the anime and without spoilers, so sorry if this isn’t as an amazing post as you may believe! However I will try my best to explain the details about Annie that I love about her.

First of all, throughout the anime she comes off as a really mysterious character. She’s skilled and serious, both common qualities that generally are on a male character. Usually, girl characters like these turn out to be tsundere most of the times, at least in my experience watching anime. I really like these qualities in her because it shows she’s an important character and not just someone they are gonna throw out the window or sit in the sidelines. Not only that but as she develops as a character and know just a little bit more about her, we get even more attracted to her past and ideals for the future. Reason being is that, despite learning of her past we still do not know all too much about her. A lot of mysteries in Attack On Titan haven’t been revealed yet and there’s a whole nother world out there! Which is what brings me closer to the anime itself and Annie has that effect on me aswell! I want to know her, I want to understand her, I wanna see her vision and perception of what it is she needs to do to change reality and what is she fighting for or if it is just what she simply chooses to fight against. Also, it is clear she is very skilled and I just wonder… Is she really naturally good or was she trained before joining the military? There’s so much I want to know about her and I hope that we get more in-depth information on Annie Leonhart when the anime airs again on, I think it was 2017 they said? I am pretty sure it will air on 2017.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I can’t find for when Attack On Titan comes back! If you are raise a glass to any tall person you come across and try to scratch the back of their neck or something! lol

Stay Tuned!
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