Character Gone Dark 3: Ken Kaneki

ken kanekiWoo! I mean, everyone expected Kaneki to be on this list, right? Very well, lets get to it!

Ken Kaneki was a normal boy, now he is a half-ghoul! Eventually realizing he had to take action if he wanted to protect those closest to him and so thats when he really went “dark”. If by dark you mean, he kicked ass! For the most part, he’s still a very good guy with just as good a heart, he just decided to make drastic decisions for the sake of everyone else other than himself. It’s funny how someone can go through so many changes in such a short amount of time and so much pain as Kaneki has and not go through the brink of insanity. Well, it’s sad but thats all I can say without many spoilers, at least ones that aren’t obvious.

Thanks for reading if you did, I wish I had more to say, but I pretty much explained all I could. Keep going fellas!

Stay Tuned!
The Anime Prince ruby rose 25

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