Character Gone Dark 5: Jellal Fernandes

jellalYes, this art is incredibly sexy… “cough” Anyways, I uh… Jellal. What else do I have to say? he’s freaken Jellal! Tell me, how many times have you wanted to just repeat his name every time you first heard it? Jellal! Jellal is just awesome… Fine.

Okay, I am going to talk about Mr. Jellal! Despite having quite a few disappointing moments in Fairy Tail, Jellal is one of the most badass characters in the entire anime. He carries the title of Wizard Saint, in this anime there are 10 wizards saints and they are considered the 10 strongest wizards in all of their fairly nice world called “Fiore”. The thing about Jellal is… no spoiler… Jellal is evil! Um, what can I say? I guess you’re just gonna have to go by my word when I say that Jellal is magically and spiritually one of the strongest character in the anime definetly, however, I am not sure a lot of people noticed… He is quite a buff individual like every guy in this anime but considering the standard physical strength, he seems to lack in that department. I mean, seeing the magnitude of his magic I have never doubted his level of power. I do think the guy should go to the gym every once in awhile though. He’s also a very emotional individual, considering all he’s been through, being under similar circumstances as Itachi Uchiha. I am going to leave you with that, I had written a lot more but then I realized that all I wrote pretty much spoiled his entire character. So, I am just gonna repeat Jellal’s name. Jellal!

Hey guys! This reminded me of an idea I had but since I do not like spoilers too much I neglected to do it, However, I’ll think about after these Halloween segments are over. Anyways, thanks for reading!

Stay Tuned!
The Anime Prince ruby rose 21

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