Character Gone Dark 8: Itachi Uchiha

itachiHey! I am just gonna go straight into it…

Itachi Uchiha! Fangirls, fangirls everywhere! (including myself! Although I always preferred Madara) Only reason I chose Itachi over Madara is because what Itachi did was incomprehensible. He is a character that truly went dark for the sake of what he loved and for what he stood for. Although, it is debateable which Uchiha had a bigger impact and who is stronger blah, blah! What Itachi did is more than anyone on the entire show of Naruto… Don’t quote me on that, thats just my opinion, lol. Seriously, I might aswell say it. Itachi Uchiha the Shadowed Hero of the Hidden Leaf and Brother of Sasuke Uchiha. Simply because of the stupidity of the Uchiha wanting to betray the Hidden Leaf and Danzo… This man had to do something about it and instead of getting the Leaf involved in a war against the Uchihas, He decided to slaughter the entire Uchiha Clan. He sided with the leaf with one and one condition alone. Sasuke Uchiha would be spared and taken in by the Leaf. With all that settled, Itachi was casted out as a traitor among the Leaf and named one of the most dangerous criminals in the history of the ninja world. He never sought recognition, he knew from the moment he decided to do what he did that he would suffer for the rest of his life until the point of his death and still remembered as the scum of the Hidden Leaf, forever and eternally. Even at death’s door, he smiled…

Hey guys! I’m sorry I know I didn’t want to put an anime character from any of those bigger sorts of anime, but “Character Gone Dark” pretty much needs Itachi, it’s like mandatory! Oh well, thanks so much!

Stay Tuned!
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