Horror Gaming 9: Corpse Party

corpse partyTime for another Horror Gaming post! I am actually really excited to tell you about Corpse Party!

To start off, Corpse Party is obviously a Horror game. Shocker, the thing is… the characters are good. That’s the weird thing. Personally, whenever I see a horror game/movie, I naturally assume the characters are very…bad. Like, they’re just naive and stubborn and just dumb! These characters, some smarter than others, are pretty much all likeable characters and you know people ship them a lot. Point is, this is a good game. Lol, no i’m not gonna finish this there… It paces well, like its very suspensful and dragged out. That’s what I like in the game, as I wanna spend as much time in this horribly terrifying hellhole as possible! I think the coolest thing about the game is the concept. Everyone is trapped in seperate dimensions. Even though they are in the same place they can’t really meet up with eachother again. Now, everyone is in seperate dimensions, but they are usually in a pair. Like, 2 people in the same dimension… Anyways, the only other thing I can say, specifically without spoiling, is that it is extremely dark and gruesome. If you like gore, this has a lot of it, so enjoy it… You sick bastard, if you can’t take an excess amount of gore, probably shouldn’t watch it. Just saying.

Thanks for reading, I hope you made a decision whether to play it/them or not, I did my job. Do yours!

Stay Tuned!
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  1. YahariBento says:

    I agree with you this game is dark and gore, because of dark emotions linked from a character to other character like invincible chain. Bakemonogatari and Corpse Party taught me many things about human’s (negative) emotions. Started from blood covered manga, especially “holding a grudge” to someone.

    I compared two stories in my analysis, focused on “holding a grudge” is not worthwhile. One is Bakemonogatari anime/novel, another is Corpse Party: Blood Covered game/manga. Both of them taught me it will waste your time, energy and made you have misfortune.

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