Anime Review #8: Magi: The Kingdom of Magi!

Magi-The-Kingdom-of-MagicGood day ladies and gentleman! time to do the last anime review of the month, I need a break…
Yeah, I probably mentioned in my last review that I will be taking a short break before the Halloween posts start coming in. I don’t remember, i’m actually quite tired at the moment. Things that don’t matter aside, lets get into the review!

Taking place right after the events of the first series, Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana decide to go their seperate ways and do what they want to do in order to get stronger. However, they promised they will meet again someday, right in the same area where they departed. During the time they began their travels, war is brewing and behind the scenes of it all is an evil that plots the destruction of this entire world.

To a lot of eyes, the animation seems relatively the same as it did the last series, which is true to some extent. Although, I see a difference because of the level of power that is placed around the end of this series. There’s just something a little more attractive and might I say beautiful about how everyone uses their power in the end and it just looks magical! Funny how I described that lol. Pun intended. 

My opinion about the soundtrack still stands, I like the music in this anime in general. I just find it a shame that I just don’t like it with this particular anime. It’s like you don’t even notice the music in the background while you watch the anime and the opening doesn’t appeal to me when I look at this anime.

I have a bit of a lower opinion on the story of this anime which I will get into soon enough, point is I am proud of these characters. I thought that through the way the anime was progressing, I wouldn’t end up finding anything else that would appeal to me to make this anime give a better flavor to my taste buds, I was pretty much betting on the endgame. However, as the anime progressed, it had its dull moments but the fresh new characters that were slowly introducing themselves, simply made this process a lot more enjoyable and fun. Also, this time the characters got just about enough screen time they needed, even one or two of them didn’t play a particularly big part in the end, they definetly were a great addition.

Personal Thoughts:
As I mentioned, my opinion about the overall story is that I am not impressed with it. I did not feel the impending doom or destruction that was planned out by, essentially, the bad guy. At this point, the “antagonist” was revealed and all but I cannot think of them in that way. It just feels like a story without a bad guy, but shit went wrong anyways. I don’t know if anyone shares that opinion with me, but that is how I feel. As I watched from the first series to this series, I felt like the progression was either too slow and not enough information to go off of or too fast but didn’t really feel like there was too much danger. I can’t find a middle ground with Magi. Although, with the first series I felt that impending doom, even though it didn’t threaten the entire world, I felt the emotion brought out by the characters and their desperation to prevail in the end, the drama, the blood,sweat and tears. I did not feel that atmosphere with this one, which is ironic to say the least. I did however, find this one to just be more entertaining, more attractive and a better experience with the secondary characters. As much as I favor the better atmosphere in the previous series, I give this one a 7/10. Excluding the fact that I simply enjoyed this one slightly more than the last, I appreciated that the story progressed and that, As far as I can tell, is setting up for another series ( that is not adventures of Sinbad but a proper sequel ). I do hope that the story progresses much faster and better than this one. The best way I can describe Magi is that its a poorly executed story with a great foundation that needs to be better used.

Stay Tuned!
The Anime Prince ruby rose 10

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