Free-Speech Controversy! *New segment*

ruby rose 6Hey everyone! I got a new segment for you that I would like to call “Free-Speech Controversy”! I’m gonna try to explain this as short as possible. The idea with this segment is kind of like “Anime Review” except I’m gonna talk about anime I personally enjoy that aren’t necessarily “good anime” or  popular anime following the same criteria. In other words, you can call them “Guilty Pleasures” which is what a lot of people call them. Normally, these anime are very controversial and you would most likely have already heard of them due to that reason. Another thing is: I wont actually give the anime I talk about here an actual score. The reason is because technically, these anime are, as I briefly mentioned, “bad anime” but we like them anyways because they are enjoyable to watch. This is another reason where everyone should appreciate all sorts of anime. However, I will point out as to why the anime I talk about in this segment are so controversial and why they are considered guilty pleasures. Also, the anime I talk about here will not be reviewed in Anime Review. 

As for when I plan to start this new segment, I will most likely start having them posted by tomorrow. I cannot guarantee that, but I will try my best!

Thanks a lot and I hope you guys like this new segment.

izaya 3Stay Tuned!
The Anime Prince

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