Free-Speech Controversy: Demon King Daimao

So, I had many ideas for which would be the very first anime for this segment. Unlike how I started with Anime Review, i’m actually gonna start on a smaller anime and see how we go from here. I do feel a little odd because I don’t actually know how to talk about this anime, but its not like this is a review right? haha…

demon king daimaoLook at that, it looks awesome! The artstyle and the animation is epic, well I do think a harem’s most redeeming quality is the art and animation…

It’s just even for a harem, this anime is an oddball. Let me explain, our protagonist who goes by the name of Akuto Sai who was raised as an orphan by a church and he wishes to be a high priest. As he was transfered to Constant Magick Academy, (yes, thats the actual name…) he speaks to the oracular spirit as every student does so that they know what they will become in the future. The spirit announces that Akuto Sai will become the Demon King. Now if you made it up to this point, you already got a feel for what this anime is about and what you can expect from the rest of it. You’re both right and wrong, lol I’m sorry I remember watching up till this point myself and I just… stopped watching it for awhile. I picked it back up, I don’t know why but I did. I found it amusing…

Anyways, you probably think that “Oh, its a harem based on the satanic religion” or something following those similarities, yeah that is somewhat true. But as far as story goes, I don’t think I could ever wrap my head around it. I didn’t understand a single thing and I watched this a long time ago and I do remember a lot of things that happened, my mind has grown a lot more adaptive to looking at anime in an in-depth level. However, I do not think I can go back, watch it and understand it because I almost feel like it isn’t meant to be understood. I think the idea was to make this anime as chaotic as possible and have as much fan service as legally possible. Mix those two things together and you have something special, if there was a word for it…. actually “catastrophic”? Is that the word i’m looking for here? I don’t know. I mentioned the satanic religion before, I mean it has qualities of that but this is not really, entirely based off of the satanic religion. Trust me its not that dark of an anime. Well, it doesn’t feel like it. It may seem like it around the end, but thats the most confusing part of the anime.

To summarize, its a typical harem that is very confusing, so I suggest you don’t try to understand it while watching it. Just look at it, love the art and not to mention, the characters look very well-designed. Okay, the protagonist himself looks rather generic… but I guess the reasons I personally liked this anime is because, excluding the art, the typical females following the protagonist as his harem, they aren’t anything special I just love them. They all look awesome and its also funny that their color-coded. Not gonna lie, the end of this anime made no sense to me, but it looked pretty awesome. Last but not least, I found it amusing…yeah lol.

Thats all I have to say, I could go on but I don’t want to spoil any of the anime. I mean, I just make it a rule to make sure I don’t spoil any sort of anime, even this one. Thanks for reading, I know this new segment isn’t very informative and its just me babbling nonsense. But this is just how I feel about specific anime and so on…

Stay Tuned!
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