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Q: Is anime your favorite hobby?

A: I also hold gaming quite close to my heart,         especially when I was a child I loved playing video games, I don’t as much now. I still appreciate gaming, but my favorite hobby and my greatest interest as of now is watching anime.

Q: You have some really nice art here, did you make them youself?

A: No, I took these art from google images and I do not claim ownership of any of these art at all! All art I post on this blog are from their perspective artists and all recognition go towards them. What beauty they make is because of their talent, not mine.

Q: What is your favorite anime?


Q: What inspired you to start blogging?

A: So, for the longest time I wanted to express my love for anime to as many people as I can
and I guess thats basically when blogging came along. I noticed that the anime community isn’t as friendly as it…really should be considering that anime is what a lot of us go into because we’re sad about the real world, when it comes to bullies as a teen to stress as an adult, we all enjoy anime to relieve us of real world problems and enjoy ourselves and a lot of times with friends. Thats what this community is supposed to be about, a friendly community. I hope in the future I can bring us just a little bit closer together. I may seem strict in anime reviews and what i’m doing there may seem so opposite of what the idea of my blog is supposed to be about. But I dont want us to be just another blog talking about the stuff they like and giving biased opinions. The point of the anime reviews being the main source of posts in our blog is so that we can show what the community thinks and share our love for anime and despite whether it gets a bad score or a good score, its just as watchable as the rest. Yes, to review anime I believe I would have to have watched all of it.


Thanks for your support and I hope I answered at least 1 of the questions you had in mind. Let me know if any of these questions were helpful and give me some feedback about the blog itself if you think there’s something I should improve on or just if you have something in mind. Remember, make love not war! Love you all!

Stay Tuned!
The Anime Prince

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