Royal Announcement: FAQ page, anime blog expansion and more!

 izaya orihara 1Whats up guys!

I got a pretty exciting update for everyone!
To start with, I’m going to be making an FAQ page for those who are actually wondering about certain things in my blog that may seem out of place or possibly things about myself, but its concerning the blog for the most part. Speaking of which, if there is any personal questions you guys would like to ask me, type it in the comments down below and I would be happy to answer them as soon as possible!

Next is regarding the blogs main point of view, the content regarding anime in general. So I’ve pretty much just been doing anime reviews and i’ve wanted to do more, but you know I wanted to start small and slow and we’re still going in that sort of direction, I don’t plan on throwing too many things out there, but I will maybe add a new segment or 2 to give a little more variety to this channel with the ideas i’ve got at the top of my head. As for what the segments will be called or what it will be about, I will let that be a surprise for you guys. I would also like to know your feedback on my anime review segment. Since we started this blog, its grown nicely and i’ve also seen other blogs that I learned from and enjoy. Ofcourse, I would definetly like to grow even more, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be making this post. However, I do very much enjoy the slow pace we’re growing by is kind of peaceful, y’know? Regarding the anime reviews again, I wanna know what you guys think about them because I know I do them very seriously and for the most part I dont wanna change how I do it for various reasons, I just wanna know what you guys think and see how I can take that feedback to improve on what I can.

As for Royalty Gaming, I do have a post scheduled for later. I won’t really be doing anything new there though, I’m still just gonna do the regular posts on the series of Dangan Ronpa as much as I can. When can you expect these new changes? For the most part, I will start posting these new for these new changes starting next week. Can’t really exactly say when, but it will happen. Thanks very much for your support, i’m just happy that there are people who really do wanna just have fun with others while enjoying what you love most. Thats whats important.

Stay Tuned!
The Anime Prince          ruby rose

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