Royalty Gaming: Dangan Ronpa Trigger Happy Havoc!

dangan ronpa THHAlright guys it’s finally time to start on our new segment: Royalty Gaming!

First off, I would like to explain how this works. Basically, this isn’t like “Anime Reviews”, where I summarize the anime as a whole in different sections and explain how I feel about it. This is gonna be a lot more free. where I don’t really go through the trouble of explaining the plot/story and give a score based on what I deduced from the content and my personal enjoyment. This is where I just talk about the things I love and see, hopefully what you guys think about it! Do you love this game? Do you hate this game? What is it you loved about this game? Things like that. The only thing is that I personally take a specific series and I focus on what I love about the series in the traditional order of when the games came out! However, if you wanna talk to me about a different game or wanna ask me if I could talk about a different game, I will gladly talk to you about it, depending whether or not I can relate to it and also I would consider your idea to talk about a different game as more of a side-post!

Anyways, the first game we’re gonna talk about is Dangan Ronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc!
Dangan Ronpa is one of those interesting visual novels that you get sucked in by the story and characters. The concept of this game is a concept I’m always interested in because its always so thrilling! To summarize, it’s about 16 high school kids who are considered to be the best at what they do, get trapped inside a school and forced to kill eachother if they want to get out. The kids have to investigate to find out who is the killer of the victim and discover who it is and if they get it wrong by the end of the trial, everyone gets murdered except the killer who is allowed to leave the school. If the kids find the killer by the end of the trial, the killer is executed and the kids live another day. This is a concept I’ve always appreciated about Dangan Ronpa and the best part is the art style and animation they combo with such an amazing concept! Dangan Ronpa’s style is incredibly unique and one of a kind. I remember playing this game and I enjoyed it, but as much as I enjoyed it. I never thought I would grow to love this series as much as I do as the series progressed. For now, thats all I wanna say. I wanna start small and when I look at this post, I figured this is big enough as it is. I will continue  next time about Dangan Ronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, thanks for reading!

Stay Tuned!
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