Anime Review #4: Infinite Stratos

infinite stratos 2Whats up everyone! Welcome to another anime review and the anime i’m reviewing this time is Infinite Stratos! Lets tap this one right in the lemons!

  • Story:
    In the future period of time, new technology was invented known as an “Infinite Stratos” mostly known as powered exoskeletons to scientists.  Faced with such an overpowered weapon, the nations of the world enact the “Alaska Treaty”, which states that IS shall never be used for militant combat, and that existing IS technology must be equally distributed to all nations, to prevent any one nation from dominating the others. 10 years after the invention of the Infinite Stratos, the worlds peace was shattered by Ichika Orimura, a 15 year old japanese boy. Coincidentally, he made contact with a hibernating Infinite Stratos and it responded to him. This was a shock to the japanese government, as the Infinite Stratos only responded to females and has never responded to a male before. Realizing this fact, they forced Ichika to attend the Infinite Stratos Academy.
  • Animation:
    The animation is something to behold in Infinite Stratos, not because it’s a harem and so typically harems should have good animations, but just the fact that out of all the harems i’ve watched Infinite Stratos did their animation far superior to most! There are a lot of harems that I can say that did better than, what you might consider average animation (for harems) or standard, but Infinite Stratos tops even those! I’m not saying that it will make your standard definition TV look like a HD plasma screen tv or that there aren’t harems out there with just as good animation or even better, but Infinite Stratos sure as hell as one of the most beautiful animations! I would consider to even have it in my top 10 best animated animes!
  • Soundtrack:
    The soundtrack is, by all means not terrible in fact i’d say that its pretty decent. I just feel like its incredibly standard to harem soundtracks or just in general I guess…Like, I feel like the soundtrack just sounds very common and just doesn’t feel special to the anime. I guarantee that you will find at least 1 song where you go “Have I heard this before?” or you just don’t pay attention and skip it just because it feels too common.
  • Characters:
    Each character has their own flavor, which is generally a good thing, but you see, their all full of cliches! Like I’m proud they don’t have a lot of the same cliches, which is a general concept in harem, it gets very uncomfortable when you realize that in harems 2 characters act exactly the same but their different characters… I guess thats what the female characters do “right” but I dont know. It’s a harem after all, you should expect cliches so, in a way, there’s no real problem with the characters, they are good characters, especially if you’re watching this anime dubbed! This is one of the only anime I’d recommend you watch it dubbed.
  • Personal Thoughts:
    Now I do have to be real with you guys here, I called this a harem a lot and I know thats what the genre is, but just because its genre focuses on, well what is essentially the same story every time with harems (cliche school boy gets typical school girls thrown at him), it does not excuse itself for having a bad story. Stay with me here, I know I may seem like a bad guy but I have to give this an honest, unbiased review as an “anime” not as a harem. So, I have to give this an average score of 4.5/10. That .5 is just me being biased lol! For real though, I gave it an extra .5 because looking at it as a harem, it is one of the best harems i’ve personally seen! At least in my opinion it is, the reason I say that is because it has a lot of action for a harem and I like the characters, they are full of cliches (especially Ichika, I dont like him,really) but the females are so likeable and different from each other! A question that a lot who read this may ask is “There are plenty of good harems why are you talking as if this one is so special?” Well in my opinion, this anime just has more to offer, yeah I guess you can say that it is the same cake as a lot of other cakes but this one just has an unique frosting to it! I can say there is SO MUCH harems, literally I think its the most populated genre! The thing is there is almost as much that just do the same thing over and over again, I can honestly say that there is a handful of harems that i’ve watched that I can confuse as the same show. But there is also a handful of harems that I can say I truly enjoyed, considering them having a slightly different feel in atmosphere or emotion! I will probably make a post regarding those harems pretty close in the future but for now all I have to say is that, I recommend you give this anime a try, Don’t really watch it because It’s an anime but because it is a good harem. Thats all I have to say, thanks for listening I had a lot to say because I really do appreciate this anime, don’t think I dont because I gave it a low score!

    Stay Tuned!
    The Anime Prince                                    Ruby1

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